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Amelia Noyes Design

Digital Download - Personal Use Only

Digital Download - Personal Use Only

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This option is available for individuals who are looking for custom artwork but are getting their image printed themselves. Topics that qualify as a custom commission include artwork of homes, people or animals. 

Steps For A Custom Commission

  1. Purchase your custom piece of artwork with the correct amount of people in it. 
  2. If your purchase is an animal please purchase the amount set for 1-2 people. 
  3. After you have placed your order, email your photo or commission inspiration to with your order number that was emailed to you. Once we receive this email from you, your design process will begin.
  4. You'll receive commission progress updates from Amelia.
  5. You'll sign off on final approval. This is the time for you to provide any final edits that are needed before the commission is finalized and emailed to you.
  6. Receive your email with your custom artwork. 

Please note this option is only available for personal items such as custom portraits and Custom pet portraits. Please email Amelia if you have any additional questions. 

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